Forsk announces that is has completed Atoll and Naos deployment for T-Mobile USA, a tier-1 wireless operator in the United States.


Atoll and Naos at T-Mobile USA


Forsk has provided Atoll 5G licenses along with numerous other modules in the Atoll suite such as LTE, ACP, Live, CrossWave and Aster propagation models.

This project also included Forsk’s Naos cloud-native service-oriented platform. Additionally, custom integration and user training services expanded the partnership between T-Mobile USA and Forsk.

About Forsk
Forsk is an independent software company providing operators and vendors with wireless network design and optimisation products.

Atoll, Forsk's flagship product, is a multi-technology wireless network design and optimisation software that allows operators to streamline planning and optimisation activities by combining predictions and live network data. With more than 10,000 active licenses installed at 500+ customers’ in over 140 countries, Atoll has become the industry standard for wireless network design and optimisation.

Naos provides mobile network operators with a framework for designing their own automated RAN planning and optimisation workflows and delivers off-the-shelf scalable computation capabilities for massive pathloss calculations and coverage predictions. Naos is being used by several wireless operators globally.