A clear requirement for optimisation systems is to be measurement-based (Live-Network data collected at the OSS).

Live-network data to be used for optimisation include KPIs derived from performance counters, geolocated cell-traces as well as crowdsourced data. KPIs, crowdsourced data and cell traces provide detailed information about the network status that can be combined with predictions throughout the planning and optimisation phases.


A clear requirement for optimisation systems is to be measurement-based.


Atoll and its Live module allows combining  predictions and measurements in a number of planning and optimisation functions:  identify congestion areas where additional capacity is needed, tune antennas and network parameters, plan neighbours and codes (5G NR, LTE PCI, and UMTS Scrambling codes). The Atoll ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module also uses KPIs and UE/MDT traces to drive its optimisation functions and select the best sites for small cells.


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