Atoll In-Building module provides operators with unique integrated indoor/outdoor network planning capabilities within the Atoll framework. Atoll In-Building includes a comprehensive set of indoor design, planning, and analysis features that facilitate increased productivity and accelerated network deployments.

Atoll In-Building extends the industry-leading radio access network planning and optimisation capabilities of Atoll to meet the centimetric precision and high level of detail required for indoor wireless network design. Atoll In-Building supports multi-RAT 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6 indoor networks including active, passive, and hybrid DAS as well as indoor small cells.

Enabling better in-building wireless network design

5G makes RAN planning more complex and requires modelling in-building wireless networks of complex venues such as stadiums, underground tunnels, corporate campuses, industrial sites and commercial centres.  Detailed modelling of network equipment such as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), connectivity and cables, amplifiers etc. is a must for proper coverage/throughput calculations, project documentation and generation of bills of materials.         

Combined modelling of indoor and outdoor wireless network provides operator with more accurate network plans and allows for increased productivity and accelerated network deployments.

Atoll In-Building uniquely allows mobile network operators to plan and optimise indoor and outdoor networks simultaneously within Atoll, allowing a direct assessment of indoor/outdoor combined coverage, throughput and interference and delivering more accurate network plans.




Atoll In-Building Features

  • Support for 4G LTE, 5G, IoT and Wi-Fi
  • Detailed modelling of buildings, floors, and structural components: walls, horizontal and inclined surfaces, openings, pillars, etc.
  • In-building multi-wall ray-tracing propagation model
  • Import of floor plans in industry standard formats
  • Multi-RAT indoor coverage predictions
  • Indoor active, passive, and hybrid DAS equipment modelling: sources, antennas, cables, amplifiers, master/expansion/ remote units, etc.
  • Comprehensive reports and bills of materials

Atoll In-Building wireless network planning solution


Extending RF planning and optimisation software capabilities

Atoll In-Building extends the industry-leading radio access network planning and optimisation capabilities of Atoll to meet the centimetric precision and high level of detail required for indoor network design. Atoll, our industry-leading RAN planning and optimisation software, allows indoor and outdoor network planning and optimisation using a common data structure, instinctive user interface, and reliable calculation algorithms.

Atoll supports large-scale, country-wide deployments as well as deep-diving into indoor scenarios comprising multiple buildings, floors, and radio access technologies.

Building Layout Design

  • Automatic creation of buildings and floors from 3D building vectors
  • Import of floor plans from PDF and image files
  • Intuitive building drawing & editing tools
  • Building structural components: walls, partitions, pillars, doors, windows, horizontal and inclined surfaces (roofs, stairs, grandstands, etc.), cable trays
  • ITU-R P.1238 indoor propagation environments: residential, commercial, office, etc.
  • Standard and user-definable construction materials: concrete, blocks, bricks, glass, wood, etc.

In-building Equipment Modelling

  • Signal sources: Base stations and access points
  • Antennas
  • Signal distribution equipment: bulk cables and jumpers, connectors and adapters
  • Passive DAS equipment: Splitters, directional couplers, amplifiers, filters, attenuators, termination loads
  • Active DAS equipment: Master units, expansion units, active and passive remote units, RF interfaces

In-building Network Design Tools

  • Cross-floor and multi-building indoor network design projects
  • Multiple views to facilitate network design: Floor views, design views (schematics), 3D views
  • Installed components & inventory: By project, building & floor, cross-floor & inter-building cables, available and connected ports
  • Support for indoor shared RAN


In-building Propagation & Predictions

  • High-precision propagation calculation on building layout vector data: walls, floors, doors, etc.
  • Floor-by-floor coverage plots for entire building
  • Per-floor, per-building & global statistics & reports
  • Multi-floor TX-RX profile analysis
  • Propagation path analysis (LoS, NLoS, reflected)

In-building Measurements

  • Walk test data import, display, and analyses per floor
  • Support for RSRP and throughput measurements
  • Measurement map generation: point maps as well as interpolated coverage maps
  • Comparison of measurement maps and prediction maps

In-building Reports

  • Network infrastructure reports: Bills of materials, lists of installed components, wiring details
  • Radio characteristics: Antenna EIRPs, link budgets, EMF & MPE values
  • Compiled PDF or print deliverables including floor views, coverage plots, and report spreadsheets