Forsk provides a comprehensive set of training courses for both Atoll users and administrators.

Our courses are designed to give you a practical experience with Atoll, to get the maximum benefit from the course and to enable you to use Atoll efficiently.

Classes and training materials are in English.

The training materials distributed to the attendees consist of:

  • A soft copy of the slides presented during the course (USB flash drive) along with a notebook and pen for taking notes and future reference.
  • A series of practical exercises. The exercises are given within the context of the presented material, to ensure that each section has been fully understood.

Our objective is to provide a complete overview of Atoll, to enable you to carry out all of the main operations in radio planning.

A detailed program for each course can be provided upon request.

Atoll Courses

Who should attend?

Radio Access Network professionals who will be using Atoll for radio planning and optimisation 

Ref Title Prerequisites Duration in days
E00U Atoll 1 Technology (1) None 2-3
E10U Atoll 2 Technologies Essentials (1)  None  3
E20U Atoll 3 Technologies Essentials (1)  None  4
T12A Atoll AFP for GSM/GPRS/EDGE  Knowledge of Atoll GSM 1
T30U Atoll In-Building Knowledge of RF Planning Principles 1
T46U Traffic Offloading to Wi-Fi  Knowledge of Atoll 1
T50A Atoll Live Knowledge of Atoll 1
T60A Measurement Module and Model Calibration  Knowledge of Atoll 1
T70A Using and Calibrating CrossWave Knowledge of Atoll 1
T75A Using and Calibrating Aster Knowledge of Atoll 1
T84U Atoll Automatic Cell Planning Knowledge of Atoll 1
T85U Atoll Automatic Site Positionning Knowledge of Atoll 1
WN What's New in Atoll v3.4?  Knowledge of Atoll v3.3 1

(1) among 5G NR, LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA2000, WiMAX, NB-IoT, LPWA


Atoll Microwave Courses

Who should attend?

Transmission Network professionals who will be using Atoll for backhaul planning and dimensioning 

Ref Title Prerequisites Duration in days
G90U Atoll Microwave None 3
T95U Atoll Backhaul Capacity Planning Available with G90U only 0.5
WN What's New in Atoll v3.4? Knowledge of Atoll v3.3 1

Atoll Administrator Course

Who should attend?

RF professionals in charge of administrating the radio planning project, including configuring the project settings, administrating the databases (for example, radio, geographic, and calculation), defining the user configurations, etc. Atoll Administrator with IT background and knowledge of Oracle.

Ref Title Prerequisites Duration in days
A10 Atoll Administration See Detailed Program 2

Other course combinations are possible. Contents and duration can be provided upon request.

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