Join our webinar about Naos, our service-oriented platform that helps operators streamline and automate RAN planning and optimisation processes.

It is fully compatible with Atoll and uses the same field-proven calculation algorithm. Typical use cases include 5G site selection, business planning, process-oriented radio planning and optimisation, dedicated optimisation applications and more.



Naos is an API-first platform that delivers advanced features for the integration and the development of a wide range of applications, as well as mini or micro-services. Naos is available as docker images for easier deployment and management whether on-premises or in cloud infrastructures.

During this webinar, we will show you how Naos can help you automate 5G network planning through examples and use cases:

  • The driving force behind automation
  • Naos overview
  • Automating 5G Network Design
  • Automatic Site Selection for 5G
  • 4G/5G Neighbours and PCI Automatic Allocation
  • 3G Site Decommissioning
  • Key takeaways


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June 14, 2022
9am (Paris)/3am (New-York)/3pm (Hong Kong)
5pm (Paris)/11am (New-York)/11pm (Hong Kong)

June 16, 2022
9am (Paris)/3am (New-York)/3pm (Hong Kong)
5pm (Paris)/11am (New-York)/11pm (Hong Kong)