Atoll was the first UMTS network planning software on the market in 2000. Since then, it has stayed ahead of the competition with continuous improvements through close cooperation with major wireless operators.

Atoll supports integrated network planning for multi-RAT networks. It features a multi-technology network database, a unified traffic model, a combined Monte Carlo simulator, and a multi-RAT ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module. Atoll provides operators with a comprehensive and evolutionary framework for planning and optimising multi-technology networks including small cells, integrated Wi-Fi, and IoT.

3G Network Modelling

  • Support for multiple carriers and frequency bands
  • Network layer modelling including RRM and power sharing
  • Advanced bearer and service modelling
  • HSPA and HSPA+ modelling
  • Support for multi-carrier and dual-band HSPA
  • MBMS modelling
  • MIMO modelling
  • VoIP modelling
  • Access to live network KPIs and UE/cell/MDT traces

3G Traffic Modelling

  • Modelling of voice and data services
  • Modelling of user equipment, user profiles, and traffic environments
  • Multi-service raster and vector traffic demand maps from multiple sources including traffic data from live network measurements

3G Simulation and Analysis

Advanced UMTS/HSPA/MBMS Monte Carlo simulator including DL and UL power control, RRM, HSPA to R99 downgrading and carrier allocation algorithms

Generation of prediction plots, based on simulations or on cell load figures from the live network, including:

  • Ec/Io levels
  • Downlink and uplink Eb/Nt levels
  • Service areas
  • Number of servers
  • Handover areas
  • Interference and pilot pollution
  • HSPA Ec/Nt levels
  • HSPA throughputs
  • MBMS service areas

Coverage plots combining predicted and measured values from live network KPIs and UE/cell/MDT traces

Neighbour and Scrambling Code Planning

  • Manual and automatic multi-carrier and multi-layer neighbour planning
  • Hybrid neighbour allocation process based on predictions and live network data
  • Automatic scrambling code allocation supporting various allocation strategies
  • Scrambling code allocation analysis and interference plots

Multi-RAT Network Planning

Integrated planning and optimisation for UMTS with 5G NR, LTE-A Pro, NB-IoT and GSM:

  • Unified network databases with site and antenna sharing
  • Unified multi-service traffic model
  • Combined Monte Carlo simulator
  • Simultaneous display and analysis of network layers
  • Inter-technology handover modelling
  • Inter-technology interference analysis

Automatic Cell Planning - ACP (option)

  • Automatic optimisation of network coverage and capacity
  • Site selection and activation for greenfield and densification scenarios
  • Identification of critical network zones and high-traffic areas using live network KPIs and UE/cell/MDT traces
  • Advanced radio coverage, quality, as well as capacity and throughput objectives
  • Antenna selection and parameter optimisation (height, azimuth & tilt)

Automatic Site Positioning - ASP (option)

  • Automatic creation of new site locations according to surface-wise, traffic-oriented and population-based coverage objectives
  • Site deployment in multiple zones (urban, suburban, rural, etc.), along roads and railways
  • Intelligent implementation plan with the selection of the best sites to deploy